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L.A.P.A.P. srl is a manufacturing enterprise, that has been active in our territory for decades. We’re involved in the injection moulding of plastics – using different materials –  our solid technical experience is a suitable answer to our diversified and demanding clientele’s needs.

Our entire production can be divided into three sectors:

  • Moulding and selling of kitchen and bathroom accessories designed by us, that we propose to resellers and distributors from the Mass Marketing Retailers
  • Moulding of plastic accessories for metallic furniture (e.g. chairs, ironing boards, staircases, scaffolds, etc) and technical items that are studied and designed with clients from different fields, including the medical area. We offer technical support and solutions to clients who want to produce their own items, following them from the designing of the mould to the production and delivery of the finished item.
  • Moulding under contract for companies in our geographic area, who choose us for our competence and our punctuality .

The raw materials we use come from national suppliers and our company has been recycling processing waste for several years now. This is a sign of proper attention dedicated to sustainability.

In particular, for what concerns kitchen and bathroom accessories, we are able to propose the most adequate references for our customers’ business and to define with them the right packaging in order to deliver products that match the needs of their markets. In the recent years we have been able to face the challenge of the foreign markets, improving our productive processes, also thanks to our collaborators’ professionalism.