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Our History

  • 1969

    Luigi Scotti establishes L.A.P.A.P. (Lavorazione articoli plastici alta produzione)

Our company’s journey begins in 1969 when Luigi Scotti, born and living in Cornate d’Adda carries out his entrepreneurial dream and establishes L.A.P.A.P. (acronym for Lavorazione Articoli Plastici Alta Produzione). In the beginning, with a couple injection moulding machines, the production is guided towards accessories for metallic and wooden furniture. In the following years, sensing good opportunities in the nursery field, he starts the production of vases, saucers and flower boxes.

His talent and the versatility of his ideas bring him to approach certain areas of the homeware sector, which allows him to mould materials that require specific attention. When he suddenly passes away, the baton passes to the second generation: his daughter Lorenza and her husband Maurilio Arlati receive the company inheritence, and continue the activity, sharing the technical and marketing tasks.

  • 2000


The new premises of the company are built, the machinery park is renewed and the marketing opportunies both in Italy and in the foreign countries are widened. These enlargements have allowed the company to dedicate part of the production to working under contract.

Both the owners’ and the workforce’s constant engagement and the good collaboration with suppliers have allowed to accept the challenge of the developing countries, while protecting the Italian spirit of the products.

The economic crisis of the last few years has been interpreted by L.A.P.A.P. as an opportunity to create an even more strategic and effective collaboration with its clients (some of which have been for a long time).


Arlati Maurilio

Education:  Scientific studies and degree in Agricultural Sciences

Working experiences: After my graduation, I decided to get involved in my father in law’s company. My engagement still continues. In particular, I am involved in the technical and organisational part of the production. I take care of the logistics and I also like to deliver items myself, when it’s needed.

Beside the job? I love travelling and listening to music. I’ve been a volounteer EMT for several years. I also like cooking for my family and friends.

Scotti Lorenza

Education: Teaching diploma and psychological studies at university.

Working experiences: After my studies I had some experiences in the teaching field, then I decided to get involved in my family’s company, in order to continue the journey that my father had started. I take care of the management of suppliers, clients and the commercial development.

Beside the job? First of all, my family and my engagement in  the volounteering in my community. I travel as often as I can in order to discover and be surprised.